5 Powerful Reasons for using a BPI Member

5 Powerful Reasons for using a BPI Member

  1. Consumer protection: If anything goes wrong when using a BPI member, the BPI will mediate free of charge on your behalf. (Not including court cases where a charge will be made)
  2. Value for money: An excellent job done at a fair price.
  3. An excellent standard of workmanship.
  4. Design advice to enhance the value of your property.
  5. The correct materials for the job… no hidden cost cutting.

Code of Ethics…your guarantee

The BPI works to supply quality in paving. Members are bound by a set of professional rules, the BPI’s code of ethics. Should you have any problems please contact us. We will contact the member and if you still do not get satisfaction we will inspect the job, (free of charge), and mediate on your behalf.

Why is the BPI necessary?

The Brick Paving Institute (BPI Est. 1983) established in the Western Cape, with Kwazulu Natal and Gauteng starting their own institutes at a later stage. It is a self governing body acting as a consumer watchdog against irregularities in the brick paving industry.

The BPI was established at a time when the industry was plagued by fly-by-night operators who offered “bargain” paving by cutting corners, and who were not around when the consumer ran into quality problems.

It was therefore decided to form an association which would protect the consumer by ensuring the standard of materials and workmanship. The BPI also arrange seminars for membrs to ensure that standards stay consistent.

So, for your own security and peace of mind, do check that your paver is a member of the BPI.

We hope that the following tips will act as your guideline to trouble free brick paving.

Thank you for visiting the Brick Paving Institute website. Should you wish to become a member please don’t hesitate to contact us.